EMG Salient Arms Int. BLU C – SAI Blu Compact

Salient Arms International (SAI) is a manufacturer from the USA that has made a name for itself by refining standard weapons. The SAI Blu or Blu C is a complete in-house development by Salient Arms. It is a very reliable…

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KWC IMI Mini Uzi
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KWC Mini UZI – KCB-07 V2 2011

Who does not know the IMI UZI submachine gun. Next to the AK, it is probably the most famous weapon worldwide. It was used in blockbusters of the 80’s and by military and police worldwide. Besides the fullsize, there are the Mini, Micro and UZI Pro. As CO2 Blowback Airsoft KWC has chosen the MiniUZI…
Raptor SV-98M
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Raptor SV-98M Kalachnikov СВ-98М Sniper Rifle

The SV-98M is the improved version of the Russian sniper rifle SV-98 from 1998 and is based on the last version of the CB-98 from 2013. Manufactured by the Kalashnikov group in the Izhevsk factories in Russia, it has a light aluminum skeleton stock with integrated monopod that can be folded if necessary. The company…