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Acetech AC6000 MKIII BT Exclusive Edition

Today I present you the Acetech AC6000 MKIII BT Chrono, which has everything on board to measure the energy (Joule, FPS, m/s), the Rate of Fire ROF (RPM, RPS). It will show you the MAX, MIN and AVG value for FPS and ROF and save all shots. You can save up to 5 BB types…
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Silverback Desert Tech MDR-X

The Silverback Desert Tech MDR-X Bullpup is an airsoft replica of the MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) from the American company DesertTech. The second generation was released in 2020 under the name MDR-X (Extreme). Distinctive details of this Bullpup self-loading rifle are the fully ambidextrous operation, the frontside eject and the multi-caliber capability (308 , 762…