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S&T M1887 T2
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S&T Terminator Winchester M1887 Shotgun

As a Terminator fan it is always great to have the guns of the T-800 as an airsoft replica. The sawn-off Winchester M1887 from the film „Terminator 2 – Judgment Day“ is no exception. First released in 2007 by Marushin from plastic and wood in 8mm caliber, S&T now shows us that it can also…
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APS APM50 Shell Ejecting CO2 Sniper Rifle

The APM50 from APS is a CO2 Shell Eject airsoft rifle which make a lot of fun. The function is similar to the APS CAM870 airsoft shotgun. Each shell is individually filled with CO2 and equipped with a BB. There is space for 6 cartridges in the box magazine. Depending on the shells, the power…
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SIG AIR Proforce P320-M17

The U.S. Army has exchanged the Beretta M9 for the SIG SAUER M17 after 32 years of service. Only two years later, SIG SAUER 2019 presents us with the fully licensed Airsoft version. Not the first version with the Coyote Tan controls that was issued for the US Army, but the new generation. Under the…
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AK is always classic old school with wood for me, but the AK-12 fascinates me with its aggressive and tactical look. The 1: 1 Airsoft replica of the 6P70 comes in full steel construction and makes an extremely solid impression. The length of the M4 Style shaft can be adjusted and folded. The ergonomic handle,…